What Is Country Code For Vietnam?

The south of Vietnam – where Ho Chi Minh city is located – experiences a more tropical climate, with high temperatures and high humidity year-round. Visiting these areas in the cooler months means less humidity and temperatures in the high 20s rather than the high 30s and 40s, which makes it more comfortable to walk around.

What is the international dialing code for Vietnam?

The international dialing codes and dialing format to call Vietnam is : The country code for Vietnam is +84. This country code, along with the area code, is required to call a telephone number in Vietnam from another country.

How to call Vietnam from another country?

Country Code (ISO, 2 letter) VN. Country Code (ISO, 3 letter) VNM. The international dialing codes and dialing format to call Vietnam is : IDD +84 (Country Code) + Area Code + Recipient’s Number. Know How to call Vietnam from another country. The country code for Vietnam is +84.

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How many provinces in Vietnam have the original area code?

With this list of landline phone area codes, there are only 4 provinces with the original area code: Ha Giang, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Hoa Binh. All provinces and cities have a 4-digit area code prefix, only Hanoi (024) and Ho Chi Minh City (028) are 3 digits.

How many ZIP codes are there in Vietnam?

Exact Zip codes for Vietnam for all 63 provinces and cities in the country. Province / City. Postal Code. An Giang. 880000. Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu. 790000. Bạc Liêu. 260000.

What is the two-letter country code for Vietnam?

Country Code VN Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-2

VN is the two-letter country abbreviation for Vietnam.

What does VN stand for country?

vn is the country code top-level domain ( ccTLD ) for Vietnam.

How do I dial a +84 number?

84 Country Code – Vietnam Phone Code

  1. Dial the international call prefix. For calls from the UK this is 00 (or ‘+’ from mobile phones).
  2. Dial the country code for Vietnam – 84.
  3. Dial the number of the person/business, omitting the first zero if there is one.

How do I dial a Vietnam number?

International calls can be a veritable pain in the neck.

  1. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  2. Next dial 84, the country code for Vietnam.
  3. Then dial the area code (1–3 digits — please see a sample calling code list below)
  4. and finally the phone number (5–7 digits).

What’s my country code?

United States Country Code 1 Country Code US.

What country is this code?

Country Codes

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Afghanistan 93 647,500
Albania 355 28,748
Algeria 213 2,381,740
American Samoa 1-684 199

What country code is VZ?


ISO 3166-1 numeric 862 ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 VEN ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 VE
E.212 mobile country code(s) 734 NATO Three-letter code VEN NATO Two-letter code (obsolete) VE
ITU Maritime ID(s) 775 ITU letter code(s) VEN FIPS country code(s) VE
GS1 GTIN prefix(es) 759 UNDP country code VEN WMO country code(s) VN

What country code is VR?

Vanuatu VU 548
Vietnam (Viet Nam) VN 704
Virgin Islands (British) VG 092
Virgin Islands (U.S.) VI 850
Country Codes by Country: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W YZ

Is Vietnam a part of Asia?

Vietnam, country occupying the eastern portion of mainland Southeast Asia.

How do I call Vietnam from India?

To call Vietnam from India, dial: 00 – 84 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 84 – 10 Digit Mobile Number

  1. 00 – Exit code for India, and is needed for making any international call from India.
  2. 84 – ISD Code or Country Code of Vietnam.
  3. Area code – There are 62 area codes in Vietnam.

How do I call Vietnam from Dubai?

How to Call Vietnam from Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

  1. Dial the international call prefix. For calls from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) this is 00 (or ‘+’ from mobile phones).
  2. Dial the country code for Vietnam – 84.
  3. Dial the subscriber number, omitting the first zero if there is one.

Which country uses +88?

List of international country calling phone codes

Country Country Code National Prefix
Bangladesh 880
Barbados 1 1
Belarus 375 8
Belgium 32
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How do I call Vietnam from WhatsApp?

Vietnam country code WhatsApp +84.

How do I add a Vietnam number to WhatsApp?

How to add an international phone number

  1. Open your phone’s address book.
  2. When adding the contact’s phone number, start by entering a plus sign (+).
  3. Enter the country code, followed by the full phone number.

What is the postal code for Vietnam?

– Post Codes in Vietnam. Post codes in Vietnam are made up of six digits, for example 901011. – Vietnamese Addresses. In Vietnam addresses are written starting with the specific information (name, followed by house number and street) and moving on to more general information (ward, district, city or – Useful Vocabulary

What country does not border Vietnam?

What country does NOT share a border with Vietnam? China Myanmar Cambodia Laos. Myanmar. The Red River flows into the _____. Gulf of Tonkin Mediterranean Sea Gulf of Thailand Indian Ocean. Gulf of Tonkin. What city was renamed Ho Chi Minh City? Haiphong Hue Hanoi Saigon. Saigon. What geographic feature forms Vietnam’s western border?

Which country is richer, Thailand or Vietnam?

– Vietnam export over $264B – Maylaysia export around $234B – Thailand export $229 – Indonesia export around $163B

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