How To Swear In Thailand?

Like most languages, Thai has a rich and colourful range of insults and swear words. It is funny how most languages seem to have many more ways to give an insult than a compliment.

Swear Words.

fuck yet
shit kee
bullshit dtor-lair
wank (male) chuk waow (fly a kite)
wank (female) dtok bet (angling for fish)

Knowing how to swear in Thai is a lot of fun, and nothing feels better than throwing out a few expletives when you’ve just missed that last bus or someone spills your drink after the bar’s already shut. There are different levels of swearing in Thai and navigating your way through them is a real skill.

Can you wear a wetsuit in Thailand?

There you will see Thais, both men and women, wearing what looks like a wetsuit. Also, it is completely unacceptable to sunbathe topless in Thailand. DO: Longer sleeved shirts and pants or skirts past the knees are perfect clothing for visiting Thai temples.

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What are the bad words in Thai?

8 TOP 20 BAD THAI WORDS 10 ‘jǔu’ is the word for ‘penis’ but it’s another very bad word. Thai people therefore like to call him ‘nɔɔng-chaai’ (น้องชาย, little brother) a lot. 12 ‘hǐi’ is the word for ‘pussy’ and another very bad one. Thai people therefore like to call her ‘nɔɔng-sǎao’ (น้องสาว, little sister) a lot.

What does AI sat mean in Thai?

อี / ไอ้ สัตว์ (‘ee / ai – saht’) – ‘saht’ literally meaning ‘animal’. ‘ee’ or ‘ai’ prefix used for addressing a female or male, respectively. A very rude insult.

What does na mean Thai?

By itself, ‘na’ is a particle/modifier that is placed at the end of a sentence or phrase that will impact the way it is perceived by the listener. For example, someone could say ‘Roh sak khroo na ka’ (รอสักครู่นะคะ), which means ‘Wait a moment’.

What does PA mean in Thai?

abbreviation. short for per annum (from Latin), used to mean ‘each year’ ต่อปี

How do you say beautiful in Thai?

สวย – Suay

Pronounce it like this: soo-I. Meaning: Beautiful. You can use this to describe anyone or anything you think is beautiful.

What does farang mean in Thai?

“Farang”, the Thai word to describe white foreigners, is not a word loaded with intent to harm. If someone is relating to a farang amongst a group of Thais, it’s a convenient if not lazy way to articulate which person it is.

How do you apologize in Thai?

If you want to say sorry in the Thai Language, the most common way is saying ขอโทษ (kŏr tôht). You can use kŏr tôht to mean “excuse me”, “sorry”, “apologies”. Keep in mind, that if you are a female add Ka at the end of sentences, and if you are a guy add krap at the end of the sentence.

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What is Chan Rak Khun?

Female speaker: Chan rak khun ฉัน รัก คุณ (Love You) Rak na รักนะ OTHER WAYS TO SAY.

What is Phom Rak Khun?

How to say “I love you” in Thai. The phrase ‘I love you’ when spoken by a male to a female is ‘phom rak khun’. Spoken by a female to a male it is ‘chan rak khun’.

What does mai pen rai mean in Thai?

‘Mai pen rai’, which can be translated as ‘never mind’ or ‘It is nothing’ is a very common expression in Thai, the language of Thailand.

What does Pen Arai mean?

pen arai ya. definition. ‘What’s going on?’

What does farang kee nok mean?

Farang khi nok (Thai: ฝรั่งขี้นก, lit. ‘bird-droppings Farang’), also used in Lao, is slang commonly used as an insult to a person of white race, equivalent to white trash, as khi means feces and nok means bird, referring to the white color of bird-droppings.

What does Mao mean in Thai?

maoM. drunk; intoxicated; inebriated; dizzy; sick; nausea. 2.

What is Suay mak mak?

You’re very pretty. Khun suay mak mak. You’re cute.

How do you say Girl in Thai?

girl {noun}

สีเขียว {adj.}

How do you compliment a girl in Thai?

10 Thai words for complimenting

  1. Narak (น่ารัก) Narak is a way to say cute in Thai language.
  2. Suay (สวย) If you want to compliment someone that she is beautiful, this word will come in handy.
  3. Phorm (ผอม)
  4. Hoon Dee (หุ่นดี)
  5. Chalard (ฉลาด)
  6. Doo Dek (ดูเด็ก)
  7. Somboonbaeb (สมบูรณ์แบบ)
  8. Khem Kang (เข้มแข็ง)

How do you say basic phrases in Thai?

Basic Thai Phrases

  1. Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka.
  2. Yes – Chai (khrup/ka)
  3. No – Mai (khrup/ka)
  4. Maybe – Aaj ja (khrup/ka)
  5. Thank you – khop khun (khrup/ka)
  6. Sorry/excuse me – Khor thoad khrup/ka.
  7. Where is the restroom– Hong nam yoo tee nai khrup/ka?
  8. I need a doctor- Phom dong gaan hai mor maa raak sa khrup/ka.
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How do you swear in Vietnamese?

Anyway, Vietnamese natives usually say ‘cặc’ or ‘buồi’ either alone or with other words to swear. The phrases that have the words include but not limited to ‘cái con cặc ấy!

How do you say’Screw You’in Thai?

How do you say ‘screw you’ in Thai? long answer: “screw you” is, afaik, a euphemism compared to “fuck you” in modern usage (fuck has also meant to copulate almost 200 years longer than “screw”, so this checks out in that sense as well).

What is it like to speak Thai with foreigners in Thailand?

With caution. Thai people are happy when foreigners can speak their language, but they are also generous with the mistakes most make. When one starts swearing, one crosses two lines; confrontation, and projecting a degree of familiarity that is unlikely to be true.

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