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HI, MY NAME IS PURNAMA SILIWANGI,S.Kom AND I LOVE DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY MY PORTFOLIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits Photographic are arrests in a photographic way similar to someone or a small group of people (group portraits), where facial expressions are dominant. The aim is to display the appearance, personality, and even mood of the subject. Like other types of portraits, the focus of the photo is someone's face, even though the whole body and background can be inserted. BACK TO OVERVIEW LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY Landscape Photography shows space in the world, that is natural scenery, sometimes lurking and endless, but sometimes microscopic. Landscape photos usually capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made. This type of photo is usually used on calendars, postcards, and memorabilia. BACK TO OVERVIEW FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY The technique of photographing food becomes more tempting. In the culinary industry, such as food manufacturers, production houses, advertising, hotels, cafes, and others, food photography is absolutely necessary. Because of that food photography actors are increasingly sought after because they are usually used to make packaging for a product or advertisement. BACK TO OVERVIEW MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY Macro photography objects can be in the form of insects, flowers, dew or other objects that are closed up to produce interesting details. Photographers generally use macro lenses so that the photos look sharper, but limited budget photographers can use close-up filters, extension tubes or reverse ring as an alternative to macro lenses. BACK TO OVERVIEW WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY Wildlife Photography is more focused on the object of shooting animals. Sometimes animals behave uniquely and if we are in the right time and place we can capture the action of the animal and it will certainly be an interesting work. BACK TO OVERVIEW WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY This type is one of the most popular because everyone would want to have good photos at their important moments. This type requires experienced photographers because expertise is needed to capture important moments. Usually more than hundreds of photos are needed, both in the form of color photos, BW (black and white), and sepia. BACK TO OVERVIEW WHAT I DO PHOTOGRAPHY DESIGN PORTRAITS + WEDDINGS + FAMILY PRINT CONCEPTION + BRANDING + COMPANY LOGOS Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. HIRE ME SOME OF MY BEST WORK GET IN TOUCH AND GET REAL The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. Pangandaran Regency, West Java – Indonesia 46396
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Pangandaran Golden Visage


We are a team of quirky wedding photographers based in Pangandaran Regency. As a visual storyteller, we value the simplicity of raw emotion and candid intimacy. Your story is the heart of our photograph. We appreciate every little details, and we strive to create deep connection in the beautiful imagery that we captured.

From the grand scenes to the gentle touch, it is important for us to not only illustrate the beginning of your journey as husband and wife in the form of images but also memories that forever preserved in a timeless manner. Let’s start an adventure and create something beautiful together.


Serving Marriage Party, Family Party, Invitation Design, Web Design Making

Why Booking With Us?

The prices we offer are very rational and affordable when compared to other Photography services. We realize that good quality and good Photography services do not have to be redeemed at a high cost. Even though the price we offer is very competitive, the quality of service that we provide is always improved and does not forget to keep up with the development of Photography in Indonesia.

  • We provide all the places and activities of photography in full for you
  • Best price guarantee & Ask a photography package, It's free !
  • We are Winners Rally Photo Contest In Pangandaran Tourism
  • Trusted by more than 100 customers

For prospective brides who are getting married, do not be reluctant to prepare enough funds to pay for the photographer and videographer who will cover your marriage. Remember! An expensive wedding dress will only be stored. A luxurious building is only enjoyed a day. The food and all the super wow dishes will only be eaten. Fresh flowers will only wither after the closing ceremony. All will be of no use without documentation. That dazzling memory will only last in a perfect Photo and Video documentation !

Customer Reviews

  • “… Thank you very much Poetrafoto for the service that really satisfied us! Thanks a lot for THE BEST PICTURE. Alhamdulillah, a lot of gratitude to Allah SWT has brought us together with people and the right team to capture our moment. Hopefully there will always be a blessing for Mr. Purnama & Team because in each of his works many people have been happy. Success always for Mr.Purnama & Golden Visage Photography! Our prayers are with you. Amen… “

    Dani Ramdhani
  • “… We are very satisfied with the results of the wedding photos. Cool, awesome, really not wrong I chose Golden Visage Photography. Indeed T.O.P really very satisfying with the results. Thank you again, continued success for Golden Visage Photography and Team …”

    Wahyu Nurohman
  • “… Golden Visage Photography, thanks for documenting both our wedding photos and wedding videos. Good results. Bro Purnama and Team are all friendly … Smart leads to the thought of parents who have a need … Thanks too, I’ve made me rempong every day there are some who ask about photos and videos … Want to make their wedding. I’m uploading photos on Instagram. Forgiveness the number of messages, BBM, Whatsapp, my line. This is serious, not even though the new family photos are uploaded. Not yet the hidden cam is more stable …. “

  • “… And really, there is no proper word for all of this, only a thousand words of thanks from me, my wife and extended family that we can convey. It is truly a matter of pride and happiness for us all because we can enjoy the extraordinary results of the objections from Mr. Purnama Golden Visage Photography. Thank you Mr. Purnama … Thank you Golden Visage Photography … “

    Alamin Robiyansah
    Pre Wedding

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