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PT Galuh Persada Pangandaran Golden Visage
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A Little About Us

PT. Galuh Persada is engaged in the field of Tourism and Information which is a field that is growing rapidly in the world. All types of tourism and informatics businesses from small to large businesses are very dependent on the sectors of Tour & Travel, Reservation Hotels, Photography, Catering & Culinary, Tourism and Informatics Consultants in running their businesses.


Our Top Missions

Our business philosophy is born of understanding and hope to be the best in the eyes of Man and God. Reflect the values that PT. Galuh Persada applies and corporate culture.

Trust is one of the business foundations, we are obliged and will always fulfill every work agreement.

The actual facts in business processes are the basic things for the next process. We must deliver data, information, results of analysis and actual work realization.

Communication is the key to creating shared understanding, between us and partners. Therefore we always deliver services in language that is clear and in line with professional ethics.

Each service must provide benefits to service users by not overriding the surrounding environment.


We Provide Solutions

PT. Galuh Persada will penetrate the Tourism and Informatics Industry in Indonesia which is growing rapidly.

Strengthened by a full range of dedicated and experienced personnel in the field of Tour & Travel, Reservation Hotels, Photography, Catering & Culinary, Tourism Consultants and Informatics PT. Galuh Persada is confident that he will succeed in developing his business, especially in the first 3 years of running a business.

Experienced since 1990

We started providing tour services for tourists since 1990, together with that we have provided many of the best services for our customers.

Great Timing

Even though we require you to pay your tour in full, but we remain flexible, contact us to get a flexible payment

Complete Travel Package.

Pangandaran Golden Visage provide many options that can travel packages tailored to your needs, the most complete for you.

Easy reservation

We make it easy system in order to make a reservation, quiet if you have trouble, our customer service is ready to help

ATTAP member

We are members of the Travel Tour Asosia Pangandaran, a container for a tour operator in Pangandaran, for the high quality of service.

We Are Everywhere

If a lot of websites offering travel packages Pangandaran but not domiciled in Pangandaran, we do not. We are in Pangandaran and ready to help you

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