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Department of Tourism and Culture

The Tourism and Culture Office is a division of the Tourism, Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and SMEs Department and the Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Office of Pangandaran Regency. The Main Duty of the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency is contained in the Pangandaran Regent’s Regulation Number 54 Year 2016 concerning the Main Duty, Function, Job Description and Work Procedure of the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency is to carry out regional government affairs in the field of tourism and culture.

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Regent and Deputy Regent of Pangandaran

Increasingly feels the importance of tourism for the District Pangandaran. Tourism is covering various aspects of life. In economics it is a source of foreign exchange and the largest producer of income and a source of income to the community in the district of Pangandaran; whereas in the field of national security it is to unite the nation, more love themselves, improve the preservation of natural, cultural and historical heritage.

Moreover, with our tourism will be grateful for the favors of Almighty God to us who have been endowing Pangandaran nature is so beautiful, pretty attractive and high culture to us.

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Department of Tourism and Culture
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