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Wonderfull Indonesia

The logo Pesona Indonesia and Wonderful Indonesia

The logo Pesona Indonesia and Wonderful Indonesia, who does not know. This Indonesian tourism brand is seen everywhere. On the body of the Bluebird Taxi fleet, there is a logo of a bird of this vine. Similarly, other places such as signage, Indonesian tourism promotion billboards, both at home and abroad. The Wonderful Indonesia logo...
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Hajat Laut Pangandaran 2019

Pangandaran, 30 August 2019 – The Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency in collaboration with Indonesian Fishermen Association of Pangandaran branch will hold a series of Hajat Laut and Islamic New Year 1441 H events on 31 August – 1 September 2019 in Lapang Katapang Doyong, East Coast, Pangandaran. The Head of Tourism and...
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The Governor of West Java, inaugurated the Pangandaran International Kite Festival 2019

PANGANDARAN – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil recites the rhyme when he opens the 2019 Pangandaran International Kite Festival. “The fish are packed with Ibu Cinta (Atalia Praratya), delicious to eat with the chili paste, West Java is the tourism province, and Pangandaran is excellent”, said the Governor of Java West, Ridwan Kamil when opening...
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Pangandaran Internasional Kite Festival

Pangandaran International Kite Festival – When you are in the field, it is late afternoon and not too hot, plus the wind that blows hard, often the desire to fly a kite often appears. But maybe this has become a childhood memory for some gvpangandaran buddies. But there is no need to worry, because you...
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Final of the Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Pangandaran Regency 2019

The Final Night of the Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Final of Pangandaran Regency 2019 which was centered in Grand Pangandaran, Next to Tolgate Pangandaran, Sunday (30/06/2019) tonight, set Tsany Hilmyana A and Reva Salsadila as Mojang Jajaka Pinilih Pangandaran Regency 2019. The award was given directly by the Pangandaran Regent, Jeje Wiradinata with his wife Ida...
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Hunting for Milky Way photos in Pangandaran

Getting the best Milky Way photo is not easy. Need tenacity, technique and a little luck. Here are some things that need to be considered for photographing the Milky Way. Ever traveled to a place far from the city, then looked at the sky at night and then saw many stars accompanied by thin white...
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Eleven Amazing tourist destinations in Pangandaran

Tourist attractions in Pangandaran are always interesting to visit. Pangandaran as the southern and western region of Java Island is indeed famous for its beautiful tourist attractions. Starting from the beauty of the beach, Wildlife National Park, to the charm of water tourism. In Pangandaran there are various natural attractions that present a beauty that...
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Mosquito Museum Indonesia

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in...
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Green Canyon

Cukang Taneuh or Green Canyon is one of the tourist destinations in West Java located in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency ± 31 km from the Marlin Pangandaran Roundabout. Green Canyon is formed from soil erosion due to the flow of the Cijulang river over millions of years that penetrated caves with dazzling stalactites...
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JOLEM Special LIWET From Pangandaran

Pangandaran Regency not only has beautiful nature, a unique culture but has culinary / special foods that have delicious flavors cooked with a blend of fish, typical spices, and liwet rice served in a castor. The rice liwet jolem is generally almost the same as other liwet rice found in many parts of West Java,...
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