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Pangandaran Regency

At first the village of Pananjung Pangandaran was opened and occupied by fishermen from the Sunda tribe. The cause of migrants prefers the Pangandaran area to be a place to live because of the small sea waves that make it easy to find fish. Because on Pangandaran Beach there is a land that juts into the sea which is now a nature reserve or protected forest, this is the cape that blocks or blocks large waves to get to the beach. It was here that the fishermen made the place to store a boat which in Sundanese was called andar after a long time ago came to this place and settled so that it became a village called Pangandaran. Then the previous elders gave the name of the village of Pananjung, because according to the previous elders beside the area there was a cape in this area and there were many sacred-sacred places in several places. Pananjung means in Sundanese pangnanjung-nanjungna (most fertile or most prosperous) language.

Ronggeng Gunung

About the origin of Ronggeng Gunung there are several developing versions. The first version, this art was created by Raden Sawunggaling. It was said that at that time Galuh’s kingdom was in a chaotic atmosphere because of the enemy attack, forcing the King to evacuate to a safe place. In this dire situation, Raden Sawunggaling...
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Karapyak Beach

Karapyak Beach is one of the tourist attractions in the Kalipucang tourist area, namely in Bagolo Village, Kalipucang District. This tourist attraction has a beautiful beach panorama with sand and waves beaches that are not too large and the wind gusts are fresh and quite strong. The location of this tourist attraction is approximately 10...
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