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Sensory Wonders

The sensory wonders are the essence experiencing Indonesia through the 5 bodily senses. It illustrates many Indonesia’s holiday leisures that are interconnected with the functional sensors of the human body.
Indonesians care about how people enjoy their time in our land, and we give people entertaining stimulations to their perceptions. We enjoy our music, our food, our relaxations, and our art performances, we welcome those who want to join and have a taste.
Purple is used to illustrate our daily body experience, as purple has a variety of effects on the mind on body including uplifting spirits, encouraging imagination and calming to the mind and nerves.
The sensory experience is important to the thematic wonders because Indonesia has many entertaining stimuli including hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. It is therefore necessary to unite all the 5 experiences in order to communicate all the sensory delights in one connected experience.

Enjoying the Wave accompanied by Young Coconut

White sand and clear water, Pangandaran beach must be included in the itinerary when taking a trip to Pangandaran Regency, West Java. Not just the beauty of its clean beaches. But the water tends to be calm, suitable for swimming, and relaxing. Therefore, foreign surfers also used to surf on this beach. This beach is...
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deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran

Friday, automatically people will be more excited about their activities today. Yup, Friday is a sign that the weekend is in sight. However, even though the weekend is a time of rest, not all workers can rest on weekends, for example people who work in the Event Organizer, the media, and also community service agencies....
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Green Mussels Pangandaran is delicious, savory, steady

Green mussels have been known since ancient times as one of the sea products that has the most extensive fans from various walks of life in Indonesia and abroad, and can be used as a food source of animal protein is quite high, nutritional content of green mussel meat is good, the exact same like...
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Pangandaran coffee starts to peep Japanese Market

Pangandaran August 5, 2019 – The quality of organic coffee beans produced by the Pangandaran Regency farmers is currently being eyed by the Japanese State. Chairman of the Pangandaran Anwar Coffee Community said that the total annual coffee production reached 263 tons of green beans from the total area of ​​coffee tree planting based on...
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