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Natural Wonders

The natural wonders are the essence of nature’s exquisite corners of enjoyment and enlightenment throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. It illustrates the richness of Indonesia’s biodiversity – above, on, and below the surface.
Indonesians are still living side by side with nature, and therefore we should introduce nature as part of ourselves, and the part that we should share to the world.
Green is used to illustrate our rich natural landscape, as it is largely incorporated with living nature, biodiversity and eco-friendliness. It expresses the variety and the soul of Indonesia’s organic environment.
The natural experience is a key element in our thematic wonders because one of our uniqueness is our natural landscape, from our corals, oceans, beaches, forests, to even our wildlife. Therefore, it is only natural for us to make it beyond captivating for our audience.

Madasari Beach

Pangandaran, 16 August 2019 – Madasari Beach is located in Masawah Village, Cimerak District, Pangandaran Regency, about 30 KM from Pantai Indah Pangandaran and can be reached by private vehicle. This beach is not passed by public transportation routes so if you want to visit this beach you have to bring private vehicles. The access...
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Kaca Cave and Surupan Cave Sidomulyo Village

Kaca and Surupan Cave are tourist destinations in the Pasir Kored hamlet Sidomulyo Village Pangandaran District Pangandaran Regency with a distance of 9.0 km, from the Marlin Pangandaran Roundabout which is the entrance to the Pangandaran Beach tourist destination that can be traveled for 20 minutes via Jl. Sukamelang with the coordinates of 7 °...
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Eleven Amazing tourist destinations in Pangandaran

Tourist attractions in Pangandaran are always interesting to visit. Pangandaran as the southern and western region of Java Island is indeed famous for its beautiful tourist attractions. Starting from the beauty of the beach, Wildlife National Park, to the charm of water tourism. In Pangandaran there are various natural attractions that present a beauty that...
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Green Canyon

Cukang Taneuh or Green Canyon is one of the tourist destinations in West Java located in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency ± 31 km from the Marlin Pangandaran Roundabout. Green Canyon is formed from soil erosion due to the flow of the Cijulang river over millions of years that penetrated caves with dazzling stalactites...
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Batu Hiu Beach

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in...
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Batukaras Beach

Batu Karas, is a beach located in a bay. This one tourist attraction is a blend of natural nuances between Pangandaran and Batu Hiu Beach attractions with a calm natural atmosphere, friendly sea waves and gentle beaches make visitors feel at home here. Batukaras Beach is in Batukaras village, Cijulang Subdistrict with S7 coordinate points...
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Pananjung Pangandaran Nature Tourism Park

Pangandaran Nature Tourism Park Conservation area is part of the Nature Conservation Area (KPA) which has the function of protecting the life support system, preserving the diversity of plant and animal species, as well as the sustainable use of living natural resources and their ecosystems. Previously, Pananjung Pangandaran TWA had the status of Pananjung Pangandaran...
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