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The world is like a shadow between cool running water, walking between footsteps as if to lead us to a different realm.

This morning the foot stepped towards a tourist location, it seemed so crowded this one destination CITUMANG, one of the popular tourist sites in Pangandaran behind its natural beauty with one of its phenomenal Container Inns, this location has the side behind a mirror of water that is so clear.

The first time we will pass the counter inside, the ticket is quite affordable, visible left and right walls that are so exotic and charming tour guides who are so friendly inviting us to enter and explain some of the routes we pass, first we will be invited to go into the cave that supposedly this cave is a source of water and the water is flowed to PDAMs in two districts namely Pangandaran and Parigi and the water never recedes even though the drought is long, the water is so clear that we will feel at home there, there are also now available ponds with small fish we can therapy there, our feet will feel amused when the small fish fish wrapping our feet with the hunger to eat dead killy cells between our skin.

In the rest area in front of the cave we will be invited to warm up first so that the muscles don’t cramp when swimming and pray together, we will be presented with the challenge of jumping from a height of 15 meters up the roots to the right side of the cave’s mouth, after jumping we will enter the cave so dark but don’t worry the tour guide will be responsive to accompany you into the cave while bringing lighting and amazingly they can become photographers documenting holidays in the cave while swimming to accompany and look after us.
After entering the cave we will be invited to jump from a waterfall as high as 5 meters from the surface of the river and can dive into the waterfall, behind the waterfall there is a cave that is so exotic as if we were in a different world behind a waterfall. Not only that on the right side of the waterfall there are tourist attractions where tourists can jump swinging on a previous and jumped into the river, really fun.

Once satisfied playing water we will continue to swim and most exciting we make a human train that joins each other through small rapids to the second waterfall with a height of 3 meters, we will also be invited to jump and swim along the river. In the middle of the journey we will also be invited to jump from a tree with a height of 12 meters from the surface of the river only when it is tired enough to see and shout at our friends who jump so that it is fun of course. After the cape jumps jumping from the tree we will go along the river back to the water dam that was made in the Dutch era, where we will make a circular pattern while holding hands while shouting loudly.

The final route we will take along the BES water, which is the waterway from the dam to the housing residents while making human trains. After arriving at the end of the route tourists can rinse in the bathroom and toilet that has been provided. Our tour guide will swiftly provide special culinary delights that are so delicious namely Liwet Rice with Chicken or Grilled Fish with chili sauce and fresh vegetables instead.

But behind the clear water mirror in Citumang there are a number of customary rules that must not be violated including :

  1. Can not Swim when the Moon Comes, why should not it be said that residents in the river after the waterfall is a nation of White Crocodiles where the nation does not like if the water is dirty by people who are coming months because they are not holy, and the second reason for the prohibition of swimming for those with menstruation because people who menstruate for them smell like Jackfruit Asak or Ripe Jackfruit that is so sweet that it attracts their nation to tease and enjoy any blood that drips in their rivers which in the end when breaking will return home in a state fever and chills like having a cold.
  2. Drinking liquor on location, one day there was a tourist who died while drunk after drinking liquor in the citumang river and became a warm conversation therefore this incident was linked with mystical things to the story that the watchman of the citumang river was not happy if the place is dirtied by drunk people who commit adultery in the citumang river to eat victims “Whoever pollutes my river I am reluctant to drown them to become a learning so that humans do not arbitrarily pollute the citumang river by drinking liquor and adultery with dirty thoughts they”.
  3. Speaking dirty and rude, forbid this third is fitting for us as eastern people to guard our speech because we live side by side with the world and other dimensions we must respect each other, not challenge or speak dirty because if we violate ourselves that will bear the consequences.

The three prohibitions are just a MYTH, or there are some FACTS that occur all on the will of the almighty, we as humans can enjoy everything but respect the environment around you not only having fun because of passion and desire but because of the desire to experience nature to become closer to the natural the creator draws himself closer to his creation, the Beautiful Nature of Citumang, created by God while smiling.
Happy Traveling and Weekend.

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