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Sinjang Lawang Cave stands firm and massive in the Indian Ocean karst hills located in Parinenggang Hamlet, Jadimulya Village, Langkaplancar District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java. This exotic cave is a translucent cave through which the Cijulang Kulon (Cisitu) and Central Cijulang rivers flow, which unites about 1 km before entering the cave. About 1.5 km downstream of the cave, the flow of the river is then united with the Cijulang Wetan river. The combination of these three rivers (all of which pass through the Parinenggang Hamlet) will be known as the Cijulang river, which flows into the Green Canyon tourist area and empties not far north of the Batu Karas tourist beach, Cijulang District.

With a length of about 500 meters and width and height of about 65 meters and 60 meters respectively, this wide open cave welcomes you. Although there is light coming in from both the mouths of the cave and one hole in the roof of the cave, the situation inside is generally very dark. Stone formations on the walls and roof of the cave (including a number of animals that nest there) can be seen using a powerful flashlight.

The name Sinjang Lawang comes from two words in Sundanese, namely sinjang (long cloth) and lawang (door). This cave is named so because in its mouth there is a stone wall that resembles a sinjang motif. Visitors can also see a similar motif on the cave wall when walking through the cave through the water (visitors can also go through the cave through the edge shaped stage after climbing the stairs). In the cave there are also some other interesting forms of rock, such as toke stones (geckos) and umbrella stones.

Near the end of the cave there is a large hole in the roof which is the entrance of the light. The reflection of sunlight that touches the surface of the river projects a series of dazzling colors to the walls of the cave, and can create certain illusions. Through this hole hung the roots of trees that shed clear sparkling water. Just below the hole there is a large boulder that forms the footing to see the hole more clearly. This stone is also a favorite place to take pictures because of the exotic scenery and mystical aura. If you enter this cave repeatedly, you might find different views depending on weather conditions and the position of the sun.

Sinjang Lawang Cave looks exotic in its location, shape, size, and ornaments inside. This tourist attraction is no less exotic than the Green Canyon which had already been known. This tourist attraction is claimed even more exotic than the Green Canyon (kompas.com). With its quality, the Sinjang Lawang Cave has recently been named as one of the 9 leading tourist attractions in West Java.

Sinjang Lawang Cave can be one of the extreme tourist references for you and your family. Andrenalin You will be racing hard when swept away by the river when doing body rafting. The charm of stalactite rocks throughout the cave will also quench your thirst for the splendor of nature. So what are you waiting for!

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