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Sutra Reregan Cave Destination Located in Selasari Tourism Village, Salakambang Hamlet, Parigi Subdistrict, Pangandaran Regency. Sutra Reregan Cave can be reached within 1 hour drive from the central government of Pangandaran Regency. Directly adjacent to Cintaratu Village in the south and Bangunkarya Village.

Sutra Reregan Caveis taken from the term Sundanese. Reregan means rank or structure. The name illustrates that the cave has a lined and structured ornament.

Sutra Reregan Cave is the main cave of several other caves in Selasari Village. Because of caves in the area are related, either history or geography. Reregan Cave or called Sutra Reregan this was once a place “Panyipuhan” or point to achieve occult ritual.

Sutra Reregan Cave consists of a series of caves that have relief or ornaments. This cave is formed from the shift of the earth’s plates that occurred millions of years ago. Inside the cave there is a flow of water. This water flow is formed from the movement of underground water. So that appears a big cave-shaped hole. Even though it is raining, the water contained in the cave remains clear.

The relief in this cave is in the form of stalagmites, stalactites, columns, soda straws, flow stones and Rims stone dams. Reliefs or ornaments in this cave 80 percent are still active. That is, it continues to increase in size along with groundwater seepage that comes out of stalactites or water droplets that hit the floor, so that later it will form stalagmites and stalactites that are still natural, and this is what attracts tourists. Since it opened one month ago, visitors to Sutra Reregan Cave increasingly crowded, especially on weekends usually from morning to evening visitors come and go.

Sutra Reregan Cave is not only a cave tour that you can enjoy, but you can enjoy some selfie spots on a boat with a green forest, and there are also some other beautiful spots of course.

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