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If you mention attractions in Pangandaran, maybe some of you are more familiar with beach and waterfall attractions. In fact, the area which is a division of Ciamis Regency has a myriad of other interesting natural attractions that are no less amazing, one of which is Wonder Hill Jojogan, a brand-new ecotourism that is worth your visit.

Jojogan Waterfall
Jojogan Waterfall

Wonder Hill Jojogan Location

The tourist attraction, which is often referred to as the ‘little paradise in Pangandaran’, is located in Gunung Tiga Hamlet, Cintaratu Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency. Wonder Hill Jojogan is approximately 24 km and takes a 45-minute drive from downtown Pangandaran. There are two alternatives to get to these attractions, including:

  • Using public transportation. If you depart from Jakarta and Bandung, you can use the bus medium majors Cijulang / Cigugur and down in Cibenda, at the junction Panyingkiran, and continued with the motorcycle. Meanwhile, if using the train, ride KA majors Jakarta-Yogyakarta and stop at Banjar Station, ride the bus medium continued to Cijulang / Cigugur and down in Cibenda, at the junction Panyingkiran, and continued with the motorcycle.
  • Using a private vehicle. From Pangandaran, just drive west (Batu Hiu, Green Canyon, Batukaras, or Citumang) to meet Cibenda Village, then turn right at the Panyingkiran T-junction. Then, go straight until you see a T-junction, and turn left towards Sukamanah Hamlet. In this place, you will see a signpost towards Jojogan and just follow the instructions.

This tourist attraction itself is located at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level. Visitors to Wonder Hill Jojogan can enjoy the natural mountain scenery and panoramic views of the Pangandaran sea or Nusakambangan Island, Central Java, as well as at the venue. Besides suitable as a refreshing, Wonder Hill Jojogan also very appropriate for those who want to conduct research, especially in the field of Biological Sciences, for their flower gardens that preserved local government.

Mojang and Jajaka In Jojogan Destinations
Mojang and Jajaka In Jojogan Destinations

Panorama and Activities at Jojogan’s Wonder Hill

“Wonder Hill Jojogan attractions offer views of the ocean from the top of the mountains. Not only that, this tour also has a virgin nature and offers a variety of local handicrafts and culinary products that can be used as end souvenirs, “said Abdul, one of the managers of this tourist spot. “Wonder Hill Jojogan is the unity of the various existing destinations. We also complete it so that visitors can enjoy white water rafting and body rafting. Surely the visitors who come here accompanied by a guide. “

In this place, tourists can enjoy the beauty and freshness of Jojogan Waterfall. In addition, it is also the opportunity to visit Farikota Parks, the entire park is in a tourist location Wonder Hill Jojogan. Meanwhile, the Farikota Heaven Side is the paradise side of the Farikota Park which is a beautiful spot to take photos of the tallest park.

Besides being able to enjoy stunning natural panoramas, such as sunset or sunset, the tourists can also taste various exciting and challenging rides. Here are some games that visitors can try and are guaranteed to be able to pump adrenaline to the highest point.

  • River Tubing. This is a tour of river water by using a tire for a trip down the river in approximately 15 minutes each way, through the hills and valleys Bodas Stone is still beautiful. The total time required for this travel approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the amount of stepping on the end of the track.
  • Jojogan’s Body Rafting. This is a sporting activity across the river by allowing the floating body with the flow of the river without using a raft or boat. Body Rafting Jojogan which have varied tracks can be done in two ways, namely to walk to the start or Jeep off-road.
  • Off-road Jeep. It is riding past Jeep vehicles for off-road terrain that is steep and full of challenges, and be entertained by nature panorama feast for the eyes.
  • Camping Ground. If tourists want to enjoy the natural beauty of the night and at Wonder Hill Jojogan ‘real’, could try camping at this place.
Jojogan Farikota Park
Jojogan Farikota Park

Entrance Ticket Prices and Tour Packages

To be able to visit Jojogan’s Wonder Hill, as a tourist attraction in general, visitors are charged an entrance ticket. The price of admission for visitors with two-wheeled vehicles or motorbikes is IDR 15,000, while the entrance ticket for four-wheeled vehicles or cars is IDR 40,000. The ticket price includes parking fees and insurance.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy other facilities, such as River Tubing, Body Rafting, or Jeep Off-road, tourists need to pay some more fees. Here are the price of tour packages at Wonder Hill Jojogan, Pangandaran.

Tour Package Price (IDR)  Facilities
River Tubing 150.000 (10 Person) Entrance ticket, parking, guide, Jeep transportation, life vest, life jacket, lunch with Liwet rice, young coconut
140.000 (20 Person)
Body Rafting 100.000/Person The admission, body rafting equipment, lifebelt, a tire, a flashlight in the head (optional), helmet (optional), cleaning bag, lunch menu Rice Liwet
Jeep Off-road 65.000/Person (minimum 20 people) Entrance fees, insurance, Jeep offroad, lunch menu Liwet Rice, traveling to Niagara Airport Jojogan, Parks Farikota, and Farikota Heaven

The Jojogan Wonder Hill tourist attraction itself operates daily for the public starting at 08.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB. For more information about this attraction as well as a reservation, you can dial the phone number (0265) 7501294/082231516599 or e-mail address contact@gvpangandaran.com.

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