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Paliken Hills Nature Tourism is a natural tourist attraction located in Pasir Geulis Village, Padaherang District, Pangandaran Regency. Paliken Hills is a tourist attraction that offers natural beauty and hilly terrain. To get to the location of Paliken Hill Nature Tourism Object from Pangandaran terminal you need to cover a distance of approximately 42 KM with a normal travel time of approximately 1 hour towards the District of Padaherang through the Kalipucang District.

Paliken Hills Nature Tourism Object not only offers natural attractions, but you can also enjoy the culinary offerings typical of Kec. Padaherang like Soto Entog (soto bebek), and also have the opportunity to learn or watch the dance of mountain rongggeng art. Besides that, after you can also buy various souvenirs, for example, souvenir bags made of bamboo, key chains and so forth.

History of Paliken Hills :

In ancient times Paliken Hills was the location of a set of war strategy to seize the kingdom of Galuh Pangauban which was controlled by Kalasamudra (Bajo) Warriors. Narrated before fighting against Bajo pirates in this location Dewi Samboja chose the war leader by way of saimbara. With the power of Dewi Samboja, she stuck a stick into the ground and held a saimbara, “Who can revoke the stick, who will be the Tamtama (Commander) of the War” of the many young men who choose the match, only one can pull the stick, the young man chosen to fight is Sawung Galing and it turns out yes is the Royal Coach Galuh Pangauban sent by Maharaja Sanghiang Cipta who was ordered to look for the figure of Dewi Samboja. The competition done by Saung Galing is done with difficulty because even though the stick can be pulled out but the surface of the ground used to stick the stick is pulled up to the surface so it is shaped like a male (male). The event was later enshrined until now the name of the location is Paliken, and the location of the removal of the stick in the competition is called the Paliken site.

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