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White sand and clear water, Pangandaran beach must be included in the itinerary when taking a trip to Pangandaran Regency, West Java. Not just the beauty of its clean beaches. But the water tends to be calm, suitable for swimming, and relaxing.

Therefore, foreign surfers also used to surf on this beach. This beach is located in Pangandaran Subdistrict, from the Regency Capital in Parigi, which can be reached in less than an hour by car. The journey to this beach can be a story in itself. Green panorama, local people’s wisdom, yellowing of rice fields, alternating like the scenery in a tourism edition postcard.

From rice fields and shade trees such as teak and mahogany, change into waving palm trees. Meeting and standing tall. That’s a sign in front of the beach. There is a Marlin Fish Statue and a tourist gate leading to the beach.

Enjoying the Wave accompanied by Young Coconut
Enjoying the Wave accompanied by Young Coconut

But it is more fun when walking on sand barefoot. Continue searching until you find a unique reef in the sea. Slightly to the edge of the sea, a large rock with a hole in the middle is characteristic of Pangandaran beach.

Well, the sea area between coral and sand is the right location for swimming. In addition, the water tends to be calm, swimming in the shadow of the reef, making even a hot afternoon so cool. Finish swimming, quench your thirst by drinking coconut water. On this beach there are stalls selling young heads. But, more exciting to enjoy it directly on the beach. Moreover, the price is only Rp.6,000 per item. Incidentally, I met two children who had just picked coconut. They also swiftly opened the coconut.

Do not forget, from the rest of the coconut shell made a spoon to dredge coconut meat. Fresh not playing, drink freshly picked coconut water. While in front there, the waves continue to come to the shoreline and issue a pounding string. Ah, it was exactly closing the day at Pangandaran beach.

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