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Friday, automatically people will be more excited about their activities today. Yup, Friday is a sign that the weekend is in sight. However, even though the weekend is a time of rest, not all workers can rest on weekends, for example people who work in the Event Organizer, the media, and also community service agencies.

But, no matter how busy you are this weekend, take a little time to pamper yourself. Remove all tension after work, relax back all the muscles used, and calm the mind that had been wrinkled for a week by doing treatment at the SPA.

deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran
deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran

Besides salons, SPA is still one of the favorite places for women to pamper themselves. In this place you can choose various treatments that will certainly restore your stamina after being constantly forced to work for one week. One of the SPA that you can try is deWAVE Reflexology, Address in Grand Pangandaran No. 58-59, Raya Pangandaran, Pananjung Village, Pangandaran District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java 46396.

deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran provides various treatment menus that you can try, for example Herbal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatic Signature Massage, Sports Massage, and Ladies Energizer. And one of the signature massages here that you should try is the Mystical Touch Massage.

Mystical Touch Massage is a combination of Indonesian, Swedish and Lomi-lomi massage techniques, namely the method of emphasis on certain parts that are good for blood circulation and restoring stiff muscles in the shoulders, back, and neck. This treatment is suitable for you who want to relax the whole body and want to feel rested optimally.

deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran
deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran

Whereas for those of you who want to experience joint care with a partner, deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran also provides rooms specifically designed for couples at the Grand Spa Terrace villas. This room is designed for couples who want a romantic and quiet atmosphere in the middle of the busy life of the capital. The Grand Spa Terrace is equipped with bedrooms, down comforters, gooses-down, non-allergenic foam pillows, and also Bvlgari facilities, a 42-inch plasma screen television, a work desk with a large glass window that overlooks a private jacuzzi that is specifically for you to enjoy with a partner.

deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran
deWAVE Reflexology Pangandaran

Have you imagined the level of calm and recovery of body stamina that you will get? Yes, make treatment at the SPA as one of your weekend activities this time.

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