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The Department of Tourism and Culture of Pangandaran Regency in collaboration with Balawista / Lifeguard Pangandaran and ISLA (International Surf Lifesaving Association) printed 42 Lifeguards professionally certified at the Balawista International Workshop and Competition event on 22-25 August 2019.

Located on the West Coast of Pangandaran, the event was supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Tourism, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the Disparbud of West Java Province and PT Sarana Lindung Effort. Followed by 75 Balawista members from Bandung, Jakarta, Cirebon, Badung Bali, Pelabuhan Ratu, Banten, Gianyar Bali, and Widarapayung Cilacap, this event was trained by 12 instructors from ISLA.

Training and competence was opened directly by the Regent of Pangandaran, H. Jeje Wiradinata, and attended by the Head of the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency, and the Commander of the Pangandaran Navy.

In his remarks, the Regent of Pangandaran said that this activity could be used as a venue for the gathering of Balawistas in Indonesia to be able to exchange ideas and measure the expertise of one another. “We can improve the quality of rescue on the beach and of course become part of tourism promotion in Pangandaran, moreover the construction of the West and East Coasts of Pangandaran has already begun,” said Jeje.

Head of the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency, Drs. H. Undang Sohbarudin said, “The purpose of the implementation of this activity is to develop the competence of tirta tourism safety guide related to basic assistance to tourists in order to reduce the risk of accidents in organizing tours and water sports both on the beach, river, or on the lake,” explained Undang.

In addition to the workshop, a Balawista competition was also held with types of competitions including, Run Swim Run, Beach sprint, Board race, Beach flags, Long Swim and the following is a list of winners:

  • Run Swim Run
    1st place: Adip / Balawista Pangandaran
    2nd Place: Andri / Balawista Pangandaran
    3rd place: Fadia / Balawista Pangandaran
  • Beach Sprint
    1st place: Ferdi / Balawista Ciwayang
    2nd Place: Rudi / Balawista Pangandaran
    3rd Place: Gun Gun / Balawista Pangandaran
  • Board Race
    1st Place: Riki Gesrek / Balawista Batukaras
    2nd Place: Didin / Balawista Pangandaran
    3rd place: Pipin / Balawista Pangandaran
  • Beach Flags
    1st place: Ferdi / Balawista Ciwayang
    2nd Place: Khaidir / Balawista Pangandaran
    3rd place: Pipin / Balawista Pangandaran
  • Long Swim
    1st place: Adip / Balawista Pangandaran
    2nd Place: Fadia / Balawista Pangandaran
    3rd Place: Flavia Mcbride / Isla Usa

Closing the series of activities, the Chairman of Balandista Pangandaran Regency, Haerudin said that Balawista Pangandaran continued to strive to maintain the safety of visitors at tourist destinations. With the assistance of foreign tourism experts from America, Australia, Ireland, England, Canada and New Zealand who are members of The International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA), it is expected to provide training to the Pangandaran community to create lifeguard regeneration or coast saver in Pangandaran Regency. In addition, safety equipment assistance from Lifeguard Australia is expected to maximize safety services for tourists.

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