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The Hajat Laut Tourism and Islamic New Year 1441 H event which was centered in the Lapang Katapang Doyong East Coast of Pangandaran on 31 August – 1 September 2019, was enlivened by various games, art performances, and was attended by thousands of visitors.

The annual event organized by the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency and in collaboration with the All Indonesian Fishermen Association of Pangandaran branch begins with zumba gymnastics, which is participated by approximately 300 people. At the same time, a coloring contest was held which was attended by around 500 kindergarten / RA students. In addition, around the area of ​​”Pangandaran Sunrise” took place the ngaherap (fishing fish) competition which was attended by around 400 participants.

In the evening, the community and fishermen of Pangandaran were offered religious music. Music courtiers from STITNU Jamanis who joined in “Elnida Voice” enlivened the night atmosphere which coincided with the change of the Islamic new year 1 Muharam 1441 H.

Entering the main event on Sunday, September 1, 2019, the event began with a procession of cultural arts carnivals such as the Dongdang procession, mountain ronggeng art, fishermen bebegig, and other creations. which was followed by fishermen from various regions in Pangandaran Regency.

Right at midday after the cultural arts carnival, the time for the Sea Himalian procession arrived. The dance titled “Fishermen Pangandaran Midang” performed by artists of the Cultural Enchantment of the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency and Ebeg Sabar (Sangar Muncul Jaya Group) presented dances to begin the Hajat Laut procession.

The climax, Pangandaran Regent H. Jeje Wiradinata was accompanied by Pangandaran Deputy Regent H. Adang Hadari and a number of top officials of the Pangandaran Regency Government made flowers in the East Coast of Pangandaran. Around 5,000 people and tourists seemed to be jostling, capturing the annual momentum.

Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata said, “Sea level is held every month muharam as a form of expression of gratitude to the Almighty God for blessings and safety that has been given.”

Jeje Wiradinata added, his party was encouraging fishermen to be an integral part of tourism development in order to strengthen the arrangement of tourism as a world-class tourist destination. God willing, with the togetherness that we have built so far, Pangandaran will be even greater. “The beach is well laid out, health insurance assistance for Pangandaran fishermen is also being fought for, through the Kertawaluaya program. “The fishermen are full of risks in carrying out their work, so there must be health insurance for them,” he said.

Closing the series of Hajat Laut activities, the puppet show Ki Dalang Yogaswara Sunandar Sunarya 3 sons, was able to hypnotize a thousand visitors who attended.

Head of the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency, Drs. H. Undang Sohbarudin said that, “This activity aims not only as a thanksgiving to God Almighty who has provided fortune and safety for the fishermen. But also as one of the promotional media in order to increase tourist visits both at home and abroad through staging arts and cultural creations. “

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