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Pangandaran International Kite Festival – When you are in the field, it is late afternoon and not too hot, plus the wind that blows hard, often the desire to fly a kite often appears. But maybe this has become a childhood memory for some gvpangandaran buddies. But there is no need to worry, because you can again remember the fond memories of childhood playing kites by coming to Pangandaran International Kite Festival. Not only for those of you who want to remember their childhood, for those of you who still like to fly kites, this festival will certainly be a place that will amaze you. Because the kite festival to be held in Pangandaran is an international festival. So you will see lots of kites that are flown here and have unique shapes.

Around Pangandaran International Kite Festival

Pangandaran is a district located in West Java Province, Indonesia. The capital of Pangandaran district is Parigi. Here you can find one of the most beautiful beaches in West Java, and also very popular among surfers. In Pangandaran a kite-flying festival is held every year in July. Initially, local residents there used kites to catch bats that would be used for consumption, or made as alternative medicine. Then finally a kite festival was held every year. The festival gathers kite fans even from all over the world. You will see lots of types of kites flying under the beautiful blue sky Pangandaran.

When will the 2019 PIKF be held?

Don’t forget to note, Pangandaran International Kite Festival or PIKF 2019 is an international kite festival. This year, the festival will be held for three days, starting from 12 July to 14 July 2019. If you happen to be on holiday to Pangandaran on that date, then you are also required to attend the festival held every year. If you like photography, then this festival can be a golden field for you to produce lots of cool photos. Pangandaran International Kite Festival 2019 will be held at the Katapang Doyong field in the east coast, Pangandaran. The festival was held by the Tourism and Culture Office of Pangandaran Regency together with the Pangandaran Flyer Association (PERLAP) and it was also supported by the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar). Later, the Pangandaran kite festival will be attended by around 10 countries. One of the goals of this festival is to attract tourists visiting the Pangandaran tourism area even among foreign tourists. This festival wants to introduce to the world that Pangandaran has international-class tourist destinations and can be a very interesting place to visit at least once in a lifetime. So, in this festival you will not only enjoy a cool kite festival, but you can also visit many other tourist destinations in Pangandaran.

What Can You See at PIKF 2019?

Pangandaran International Kite This festival will be divided into two types of kite shows. The first is night flying competition, then the second is the flying exhibition committee. Well, one of the highlights is a night flying competition where participants will fly kites at night. The kite is also fitted with lights so you can see the beauty of the night in Pangandaran which is decorated by kites flying in the sky. Surely you can’t leave your camera at home, because the experience and scenery you get here is second to none. You will be like seeing a large lantern that flies in the night sky of Pangandaran. Meanwhile, the flying exhibition kite is a performance test and the beauty of the kite carried by each participant, both local participants and participants from abroad. A number of kite festival participants from abroad such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Macau, India, Japan, Mongolia, Sweden, France and Italy will join in enlivening the festival. In addition there are also many participants who come from various regions in the country such as Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Bali. All of them will show off their best kites. This international scale festival will also involve many visitors, especially young ones, because there will be a campaign in the form of mutual cooperation to clean the west coast of Pangandaran. Coupled with the food bazaar, UMKM, and kite coloring contest, you can certainly find many interesting things here.

Location of Pangandaran International Kite Festival

The 2019 Pangandaran International Kite Festival held this time will be centered at the Katapang Doyong Field in East Coast Pangandaran. To get to this place, there are many transportation options available, where most can be reached by land. An easy and inexpensive way to get to Pangandaran is by train. You can order train tickets to Banjar first, then you can proceed using the available bus. In Pangandaran there are hotels with beautiful sea views. Don’t forget to check it. Well, for those of you who are looking for which tourist destination you want to visit for your next vacation, or you who like photography, then you can try coming to this international kite festival in Pangandaran.

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