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The Final Night of the Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Final of Pangandaran Regency 2019 which was centered in Grand Pangandaran, Next to Tolgate Pangandaran, Sunday (30/06/2019) tonight, set Tsany Hilmyana A and Reva Salsadila as Mojang Jajaka Pinilih Pangandaran Regency 2019.

The award was given directly by the Pangandaran Regent, Jeje Wiradinata with his wife Ida Nurlaela witnessed by Pangandaran Regency DPRD members, Head of the Tourism and Culture Office, and other invitees.

Head of the Pangandaran Regency Tourism and Culture Office
Head of the Pangandaran Regency Tourism and Culture Office

In the spirit of developing tourism and realizing a great pangandaran, pasinggiri mojang jajaka in 2019 includes the process of registration, audition, quarantine and grand final. All elements of society and government are expected to continue to work together in developing tourism in Pangandaran. With the Pasanggiri Mojang event, jaka can bring more tourists to visit.

The regent hopes, “The Mojang jajaka is expected to become a figure who accompanies the government in developing tourism. I am proud and hope that there will be a figure who will be delayed, nyantri and nyakola from the pasanggiri mojang jajaka event which is the younger generation in Pangandaran ”
In the future, the people and jajaka are expected to become important figures in promoting tourism and cultural arts in Pangandaran Regency to realize world-class tourism.

Tsany Hilmiyana A is a representative office of Pangandaran District, while Reva Salsadilla is a representative of Cigugur District. Both of them set aside nine other Mojang Jajaka which were almost a week quarantined by the committee.

In addition to Tsany Hilmiyana A and Reva Salsadilla, for the Geses Entrepreneurship category the achievement was won by Egga Noorfazri I from Cimerak District and Norita Pratama from Pangandaran District.

For the category of Mojang Jajaka Mimitran achieved by Taufik Furizal from Cimerak District and Anggita Rahmadini, from Pangandaran District.

While the category of Mojang Jajaka Kameumeut was achieved by Riskiyanto from Sidamulih District and Liliana Suci M from Cimerak District.

While the category of Mojang Jajaka Pinilih representative 1 was won by Johanes Setiawan from the District of Parigi and Ulva Nurjanah from the District of Pangandaran.

The category of Mojang Jajaka Pinilih was representative 2, achieved by Sangga Adi from Parigi District and Nurul Fadilah from Parigi District.

The moka was asked to become a tourism ambassador in 2019 while representing Pangandaran Regency in the West Java Mojang Jajaka which this year will be held in the Pangandaran Regency.

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