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Boating Towards Green Canyon
In Green Canyon tourist destinations, we can trace the flow of the Cijulang River which penetrates caves decorated with enchanting stalactites. The clear water is turquoise green, and flanked by two hills with rocks and thick trees forming exotic and challenging natural paintings to explore.

There are quite a lot of boat fleets that can take you to explore this attraction. Each boat is equipped with a guide who will accompany you on the journey. The tariff is Rp. 200,000 per boat with a capacity of 5-6 people.
Along the way we will be in a basin of steep walls on either side of the river. The canyon walls present its own beauty. In addition, at the top several times visitors will pass stalactites which are still flowing with ground water droplets. After several hundred meters of swimming, you will see several small waterfalls on the left and right sides that are so charming. Once seen the rapids with narrow grooves that are difficult to pass by the boat means it has arrived. That’s Palatar waterfall in the mouth of the Green Canyon.

To reach Green Canyon we have to rent a paddle boat from Ciseureuh pier. The trip of about 3 km takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Body Rafting Green Canyon

When tourists want to continue the journey can be done with body rafting. Body rafting is the activity of swimming following the flow of water using a float. Water The river that flows to the canyon green cave is so clear and has a fairly heavy current. If you want to be more challenging, tourists can swim from the upstream of the river with rapids and stronger currents.
For those who cannot swim, there is no need to worry, the trip is fully guaranteed to be safe while following the correct security procedures. The guide will guide you until you are ready. Those who don’t like to swim, can crawl on the edge of a rock.

If it continues to swim, visitors will arrive at the end of the road, where there are caves inhabited by many bats.
The flow of the river is quite long, so that visitors can swim to their heart’s content while following the flow from the waterfall. In addition to the beautiful scenery on the surface of the water, Green Canyon is also a paradise for those who like to dive.

The amazing view of the basins in the water is ready to be explored and enjoyed, complete with a variety of fish swimming to and fro at the bottom of the hole.
For those who like to challenge adrenaline, they can jump from height to depth

For photography enthusiasts, of course there will be many interesting spots to take.


For those who want to visit Green Canyon Pangandaran there are some tips taken from Kompas Travel, namely:

Path to Green Canyon Pangandaran
To get to Green Canyon is not difficult. If you depart from Jakarta you can use the Bandung – Tasikmalaya – Ciamis – Pangandaran – Cijulang route. This pathway is commonly used. From Bandung it is around 180 Km.

If you will stay overnight in Pangandaran, use this line. From Pangandaran city, upon arrival at the red lights of Pangandaran Beach, advance a little then turn right towards Pangandaran Market (do not enter the Pangandaran beach gate).
From Pangandaran market then turn right until you see Cijulang signpost and Nusa Wiru airport, then turn left.

Continue straight towards Parigi. At the Cijulang roundabout, turn left with the Cijulang signpost, Nusawiru Airport, then turn right. The benchmark is Tirta Bahari Restaurant. From there, approximately 50 meters you will arrive at Green Canyon.

If you want to adventure, use the southern route, which is through the City of Tasikmalaya – Cipatujah – Cikalong – Cimanuk – Cijulang. The distance is approximately 60 km. This path is fun because along the path you will be treated to beautiful scenery.

Pangandaran Golden Visage


Many interesting destinations in the district where Pangandaran, but this is a very Destinations just so impressive, not only its beauty, but the sights here will make you so happy they want to go back there at the moment and the future.

The Right Time To Green Canyon

The popularity of Green Canyon makes it always full of tourists. Consequently, tourists have to queue to get a boat. For that, try not to come on weekends, because on weekends the number of visitors is quite a lot.
However, if you are on vacation only on weekends, come early. For information Green Canyon is open from 07.30 until 16.00 WIB. By arriving early, you will not queue for too long.

So that you can really enjoy the adventure in Green Canyon it is also recommended not to come during the rainy season.
Because it is very likely that Green Canyon is closed due to increased water discharge and brown water. The best time is during the dry season, because the river water will be clear green and calmer.
Our advice also, contact the tour package provider to ensure that you can carry out adventures with fun.

Prepare Cash
Other tips, before going to Green Canyon, prepare enough cash because there are no banks or ATMs.
To enjoy the excitement at Green Canyon, the cost required is a boat rental and an entrance ticket of Rp. 200,000 for a maximum of six people.
For this reason, it is better if you bring your group here to be able to join in and the boat rental fee can be lighter. If you want to swim, you will be charged an additional fee.

Prepare a change of clothes
Because you will get wet, then prepare enough clothes to change. If you carry a camera, try using a waterproof camera. No need to bring your own buoy, because the guide has provided it.

Lodging in Green Canyon Pangandaran
After enjoying the excitement of Green Canyon there are several choices of places to stay. You can find lodging in Pangandaran which is approximately one hour.
But, if you are very tired, you can also stay at the Batu Karas Beach area which is approximately 15 minutes away.

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