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One of the most favorite locations and even the main icon of Pangandaran tourism is Pangandaran White Sand Beach. The location where there is a stretch of white sand is the most visited spot by many tourists. There visitors can play sand, take pictures, play water and even swim. Did you know that some people say that by traveling on white sand this will give the impression that we are on a tour of the Island of the Gods of Bali. That way, if you don’t have the money to visit Bali, visit this white sand beach first.

To White Sand Through Nature Reserve

Pangandaran Nasional Park and Nature Reserve

One way to reach the location of Pangandaran White Sand is by passing the nature reserve in the west or east. That way, you can enjoy while walking around enjoying the beauty of nature reserves in the area. But indeed you need to make sure you know in advance that this place is closed at 5 pm and will be opened again the next day. So if you want to go through here, you should not be more than 5 pm. This location can also be one of the right locations for you to invite your child to travel while educating them about some knowledge such as flora and fauna before going to white sand.

Play Sand and Water on the Beach

Pangandaran White Sand Beach

After walking in the nature reserve, then you can arrive at the pretty white sand beach. There you will find lots of people on holidays because this is a favorite spot. There, there are several activities that you can do such as playing mountain-mountain using sand, sleeping on or covered by fine white sand, or playing with the waves. In addition, you can also capture photos either alone or with friends or family with a very beautiful spot view. There are also many who do prewedding and shooting there.

The Right Location for Snorkeling

Pretty Snorkelig In Pangandaran Beach

Then, an activity that is no less interesting to do is snorkeling. To be able to snorkel, you can use some snorkeling facilities rental services around the white beach. If you are not proficient, you don’t need to worry because they are ready to teach you how to do good and correct snorkeling. Meanwhile, to be able to reach the location of a beautiful and attractive snorkeling spot, you can rent a boat to get there. It’s best if you want to snorkel, you are not alone, but invite your friends to then get a different sensation of having fun with them.

Beaches that have white sand are sometimes more classy as well as those in Pangandaran. Therefore, for those of you who want to feel the holiday sensation like in Bali, immediately visit Pangandaran White Sand.

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