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Mangunjaya District

The Mangunjaya site is administratively located in Pasirlaya Hamlet, Mangunjaya village. The location of the findings is right in front of the Mangunjaya sub-district office. The Mangunjaya site is at coordinates 0729’13,6 “LS and 10841 ‘47,1” BT (based on Garmin GPS readings) with a height of 29 m above sea level.

The location of the discovery is at the top of a hill. The east side of the hill has now been pruned to build a mosque. On the west side there is still a terraced terrace formed with tuffaceous sandstone. To the north of the site is the Ciputrahaji River, while to the south there is the Ciseel River. At that location there were two round stones and a yoni. Yoni’s description is as follows.

Description of form : A form of block shaped stone with sedimentary rock material. When found the remains are in an upside down position and split into two. On the surface of the rock there is a round hole. On one side of the upper part there is a bulge that functions as a spout. This part of the bulge has been partially broken. In the prominent part there is a channel that connects the hole to the outside. The body part of the stone has seams. The seams are made symmetrically between the top and bottom, which is wide seams and thin seams interspersed with the side of the bell.


Temple-like buildings that are thought to have been inherited from the classical Hindu kingdom in the era around the 5th to the 12th century, were found in Mangunjaya Village, Mangunjaya District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java.

Three buildings resembling temples allegedly inherited from the classical Hindu kingdom in the era around the 5th to the 12th century, were found in Mangunjaya Village, Mangunjaya District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java. This finding has been investigated by a research team from the Banten Cultural Heritage Preservation Hall, last week.

From the information gathered, the three temple buildings are actually not new findings. Previously, the three temples were considered as sites or were sacred by local residents. It was known after the three temples already had the name or name that was popular with the local residents.

The three temple buildings are named the Passport Site, Praya Nagara Site and Gondo Suwino Site. The location of the three temple buildings is close together or only a few hundred meters from one another.

According to the results of the study, the three temple buildings in Mangunjaya were rare findings. Because, in other parts of Indonesia, it is rare to find several temple buildings in one location that are close together.

The Head of Culture, Pangandaran Regency Tourism and Culture Office, Aceng Hasim, revealed that after a study last week, the Pasirlaja Site was allegedly a temple building of the classical Buddhist era.

In addition, the Pasirlaja Temple also has a rectangular foundation measuring 6 meters x 6 meters. In addition, some of the buildings are buried in the ground and above the temple there are yonni (the embodiment of Lord Shiva). “There are also two round stones usually for roofing pillar holders. And this evidence shows that the building has the characteristics of a temple, “.

While at the Prayanagara Site and Gondo Suwino Site, whether the temple building or not, further research must be conducted. However, the building of the Praya Nagara Site and the Gondo Suwino Site also has a similar form to the Pasirlaja Temple, which is a building structure made of local stone and rectangular in shape. “There are also pawns, but without yonni,” he said.

At the Praya Nagara Site and the Gondo Suwino Site there are also rectangular buildings from local rocks, each measuring 3 meters x 3 meters. “For the Praya Nagara Site and the Gondo Suwino Site, further research must be carried out, because there are differences with the buildings on the Public Site,”.

The building is called the Public Site, the Praya Nagara Site and the Gondo Suwino Site. Between the Pasirlaja Site and the Praya Nagara Site and the Gondo Suwino Site it is about 700 meters away, while the Prayanagara Site with the Gondo Suwino Site is about 200 meters away. The existence of three sites suspected of building classical Hindu Buddhist temples in one village is very rare. Because, in some areas in Indonesia a temple with other temples is far apart.

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